Friday, October 16, 2009


This week we took homeschooling on the road since we planned a visit to my in-laws out of state. I thought that the quiet "backwoods" haven of his grandparent's house would be a tranquil environment conducive to uninterrupted lessons. It didn't occur to me that grandma's house is a "rule-free-zone." After cereal for dinner, a shower of new toys, and hours upon hours of puppet play with grandma, I realized that my plans for scheduled lessons were deluded. So, instead of being the mean mom that taints the few days a year that my son gets to see his paternal grandparents, I just wrote the whole week off as a homeschool wash. We did get through one lesson early in the week, but his heart wasn't really in it and I doubt he even retained anything.

I plan to start fresh next week, and I even bought a Chemistry Curriculum via E-book from Pandia Press to inspire the boy. He loves to do experiments, and this lesson package is fabulous. I didn't expect to buy any pre-made curriculums for this homeschooling endeavor, but he is so interested in chemistry that I felt it would be worth the investment. Plus, it was only 30-some-odd dollars, so it's not as if I'm cashing in any bonds to provide this for my son. I definitely want to encourage his passions, and I'm confident this will add another level of excitement to our current activities.

I just hope that the trip to Grandma's isn't going to make lessons harder to focus on next week. He's always a little wonky after we get back from vacation. I guess I will just have to plow through the poutiness and woo him with new material. :)